Proteins of animal origin are made from safely processed animal slaughter byproducts.

The animal feed and ingredient industries are major consumers of animal proteins.

Main animal protein ingredients:

Blood Meal

It has high protein value, this being its greatest nutritional characteristic, presenting advantages in the formulation of animal feed, serving as a highly densified protein source, being an alternative to vegetable sources, enabling the manufacture of balanced feed with lower formulation costs.

Meat and Bone Meal

Meat and bone meal is an important ingredient in the formulation of animal feed. Its use in the formulation of diets is facilitated by containing amino acids, energy, calcium and phosphorus.

Powder Hemoglobin

A source of protein and flavor, powder hemoglobin has high protein levels (87%), high digestibility (95%) and has high levels of essential amino acids such as lysine, histidine, leucine and isoleucine involved in several metabolic processes, preventing cataracts in salmon, for example. High levels of iron are also found in hemoglobin. It is totally mixable in water, acts as a potent palatability agent in feeds. Successfully used in poultry and PET food.

Powder Plasma

Functional protein, powdered, which has high levels of natural proteins (68 to 78% CP) with high digestibility (90%) and is rich in immunoglobulins, which makes Plasma a raw material with nutritional and functional properties. Powder Plasma is an excellent liquid absorber, being completely mixable in water or becoming a thermo-reversible gel after thermal processing.

It is a nutritional and functional ingredient used in the composition of feed intended exclusively for animal feed