SOY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE (SPC) is an edible protein source and it is obtained by processing mature soybeans. In the first part of the process, high quality soybeans are selected and cleaned. Then, clean soybeans are dehulled and the oil is extracted, resulting in a white soy flake mass.

SPC is made by treating the white soy flakes to aqueous alcohol extraction, that removes soluble carbohydrates and it lowers the levels of lectins, trypsin inhibitors, glycinin, beta-conglycin, saponin and oligosacccharides that are considered to be anti-nutritional factors (ANF´s) in soybeans.

Composition SPC

Crude Protein

  • High content of crude protein

– Minimum of 60%, as is

– Minimum of 65%, dry matter basis

  • High digestibility

– Average of 90%

– High content of essential amino acids