We will arrange what you need. Our service does not stop at signing a contract. We make many opportunities. Thanks to our network, we can do everything possible for you.We listen to your needs, react quickly and take precise actions in unexpected circumstances. This way you always get the service, you want.

Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America. The whole world is available. Thanks to our extensive network of manufacturers, suppliers, terminals, freight forwarders, fleet owners and rail carriers, we are an experienced and reliable partner for your logistics. . We carry out both wholesale and container transportation by sea, rail and road. Moreover, as for container transportation, we can carry out loading both in bulk and in bags. Thanks to our multimodal solutions, there is a suitable and effective solution for any logistical constraints.

+ Storage locations

+ Year-round supply

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+ Multimodal transport

Наш продукт.

– Soy protein concentrate (for feed production);

– Protein of animal origin (for feed production);

– Lactose – milk sugar (for the food industry);

– Powdered milk (for the food industry).

– Cereals and oilseeds (rapeseed, flax, millet, peas, etc.)